7 Months Later…

I realize the last thing I wrote on my blog was what I did on vacation. Looking back on what I wrote, it’s safe to say that a lot has changed since then. Seeing patients 4-5 days a week plus work travel has increased so much that it has consumed my energy, but thankfully 7 months later I’m still standing despite my body giving me the middle finger thinking I was going to get any serious work done. Yes, I’m exhausted. So what the hell happened in 7 months?

December. Recovering from jetlag, finishing my teaching schedule, seeing all my patients before the New Year, and getting through the holidays. The most important thing about December that I decided to do or maybe I didn’t realize I was doing was disconnecting from social media and e-mails and be more present with my family and friends. At this point having made my Instagram public to be a place for dental “inspo” and maybe a way to promote this blog was becoming a bust because I truly wanted to stop staring at a screen. For those of you who are avid “social media influencers”, my hat’s off to you. That seems like a full-time job on its own despite having social media management apps. Bless you.

January. All I had to do this entire month was be a normal dental hygienist. It was very refreshing. No work travel has been planned, but I knew it was right around the corner so this month it was important to savor “normalcy” and be a cliche in that I was going to get my shit together at the beginning of the New Year. Excellent timing for Marie Kondo to come out with a Netflix show on how to get your shit together because I definitely bought into it and felt so much better after throwing a lot of stuff away and start feeling myself. My real self.

February. Work travel/teaching has picked up again and I was excited to get back into it. I have made more friends/networked with dental professionals. The rest of the year hasn’t panned out at this point, but I was also excited for things that were ahead of me in my professional life. Little did I know by the end of this month, I had tried something new and once and for all, I scrapped all the things that really held me down from being my real self.

March. Pure bliss. I truly believe God puts you in your place for a reason. He leads you to moments that will most likely make the biggest impact of your life and because of this, He’s given me the opportunity to start over to be my real self. Yes, I’m aware at this point in the last couple of months, I’m seeking to be “my real self” because I haven’t stopped repeating myself. Seriously, things come into your life not just to be what you think they would be, but they are in your life to teach you things about yourself and other valuable life lessons.

April. My 20s are tapering off at this point. This entire month I became mentally prepared for a lot of new challenges that lie ahead, which I got through just fine, but it was scary the amount of energy I had to get through it all. It may have been all the running I was doing preparing for the half-marathon I did the day before my birthday. What a way to close out your 28th year.

May. This month was travel on steroids. I had been to 4-5 cities in this month alone. Every flight I have been on since March had been delayed and it still continued all throughout the month. Slowly but surely, especially towards the end, I was starting to feel the burnout. However, I never forgot to keep the excitement alive for important events that happened in this month like getting published in RDH Magazine and being featured on Beyond the Prophy Podcast. Despite how crazy it was, I always had my time to unwind and decompress every night. It only took one phone call.

It’s June and it’s not over yet, but despite being exhausted, I have a lot of optimism moving forward. I’m done traveling/teaching for the first half of the year and maybe, just maybe… I can focus on being a regular dental hygienist and find some “normalcy”, hydrate more, workout regularly, and enjoy my summer with the one who rules Mount Akagi with an AE86.

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