Thoughts Before I go to Bed…

We are going way past the second half of the summer and as the cliché saying goes, “time flies”. And it really did. I had zero intentions on taking any time off this summer because everyone else does it. My summer has already been piled with events and family functions that it’s becoming harder to schedule any time off the last minute for the summer. It’s getting to the point where I want to just catch up with my life once the work week is over. No worries, I actually do have time off planned in the fall and it’s going to be a good one, but not share-worthy at the moment.

I have been working a lot this summer because I’m fueled with inspiration and motivation to create something of my own as a dental hygienist. The other morning, I was fortunate to be given an extra hour to enjoy my coffee before going into the office to see patients. In that extra hour, I wrote down a mixture of personal and professional goals and I gave myself a goal to finish 12 out of 18 goals done before the year ends. This is extremely rare that I write down goals on a piece of paper that wasn’t a part of an assignment.

*18 hours later*

Since I’m a huge fan of drafting thoughts in a blog post and returning to them at a later time, I am here at the annual RDH Under One Roof on my home turf. I had a really great time when I attended last year’s event in Chicago. Being here and annual conventions like the ADHA have really encouraged me to break out of the “norms” of my career. I’ve always known I can achieve more than private practice dentistry when I first started hygiene school, but I learned one important thing about career advancement and that is to always surround yourself around a positive and supportive environment. It can be very daunting when you’re in a position to grow, which is why I decided to physically write down my goals.

While I won’t share all of my goals here, the goal is to create a teaching platform for all Dental professionals. I would love to teach a dental hygiene program one day, but my dream is to make something of my own that I can be known for. If there was (a million things) something my mother has told me, it is to never rely on someone or some thing to get me ahead and that if I worked hard and did the research, I can get ahead on my own.

So here’s to immersing myself in a week full of learning and networking. Keep you posted on when my head explodes from a week of awesomeness.


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