One Year Later…

A year ago I had this idea that I wanted to make this blog a “dental” Buzz Feed and as you can see, it’s not even close to that. About 3/4ths through my SoulCycle class Saturday morning, my usual *favorite* instructor said, “Fail a little and come back again, it’ll feel good.” So here’s to failing a little at my blog and coming back again because a year later I’m finding what works for me, what audience I really want to write for, but most importantly finding that sharing my experiences is a teachable moment for anyone in the dental community. I am very grateful for the journey I started 10 years ago, a Jersey girl with big city dreams about being a dentist. That path took a different toll the more I understood what a dental hygienist was about and I make no regrets.

In one year, I’ve been given a couple of outlets to share my experience in dentistry/dental hygiene and already it’s taken me to places I’ve dreamed of doing and I’m always ready to do more. It may explain the inconsistencies with updating my blog on a weekly or bi-weekly basis because I am overwhelmed (in a good way) and it’s been exhausting. While I am also grateful for those outlets, I want to make something of my own that the dental community will recognize. I want to be the advocate, motivator, and inspiration for the dental community, especially dental hygienists so that we may always continue to provide the highest quality of care to our patients.

Anyways, It. Is. July. Where does the time go? That seems like a cliche thing to ask, but seriously. It’s July. Also, my blog just underwent a little facelift… and sooner or later it will have more social media attached to it. Good night, world.

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